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I, too, have had a negative experience with Leica service. This was about 15 or so years ago. I sent my binos in for service and waited fully three months with only the sketchiest responses from Leica. I was repeatedly told the service department was backlogged. I finally got on the phone and asked for someone in management to discuss my concerns. I was patched through to a newly hired VP. He apologized for the delay and told me one of the primary reasons he was hired was to improve service. He came across as convincing and said he would personally see to repair of my binos. From the messages on Tweeters, it sounds like Leica’s goal remains unfulfilled. In the years since that bad experience we have switched all our birding optics to Swarowski. Sure you pay more for Swarowski, but if you’re an active birder, you WILL need service eventually for your equipment. Swarowski has been consistently more responsive and timely with repair and servicing of our optics. They have even sent out a loaner when service was scheduled to take more than three weeks.

Andy and Ellen Stepniewski
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steppie at nwinfo.net

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I have a 21 year old pair of Leica Trinovid binoculars that I dearly love. The focusing knob got too stiff, so I showed them to two sales/repair people, one in Seattle and one in Cape May, NJ. Both recommended I send them in to be worked on by Leica USA. I sent them in to Leica on November 20th and STILL don't have them back ( 3 months plus) Everyone at Leica has been polite and helpful (and charged me $273). Bottom line: Send them to Leica, but don't expect them back for a LONG time.

Good luck

Ed Deal

Seattle, WA

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