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Unlike Matt, Ed, and others, my experience with Leica over the years has been very positive. (Disclosure: I currently have four pairs of Leica binoculars -- Trinovid (1975), Ultravid (1990), Ultravid (2008), and Noctivid (2017).)

I had the Trinovids cleaned and set for close focusing at the factory in 1987 and new eye cups for it in 2005. No problem, but it did take over a month for the maintenance. (A week or so for the eye cups.)

The rain guard for my last pair of Ultravids tore, and Leica sent me a replacement for free. The nice folks (I do like them!) at the Leica store in Bellevue were going to charge me over $40 for that item.

I didn't like the case for the Noctivid, so I corresponded with Leica to get an exchange, which, while it took some minor back-and-forth to do so, ended with me getting exactly what I wanted -- for free.

It did take some time for my original email to get from the Leica service area to a Leica tech, but both of them (see note below) were extremely helpful.

Dave Elwell
Leica Camera Inc. / Parts Dept. & Technical Information
1 Pearl Court/ Unit A
Allendale, NJ 07401
www.leica-camera.us<http://www.leica-camera.us/> / dave.elwell at leicacamerausa.com<mailto:dave.elwell at leicacamerausa.com>

<mailto:dave.elwell at leicacamerausa.com>

<mailto:dave.elwell at leicacamerausa.com>
Mark Brady
Leica Camera Inc
1 Pearl Court, Unit A / Allendale, NJ 07401 / USA
www.leica-camera.com<http://www.leica-camera.com/> / mark.brady at leicacamerausa.com<mailto:mark.brady at leicacamerausa.com>

May all your birds be identified,

Denis DeSilvis

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You think that’s bad:
Last March [2017] I took my Leica scope in. It took until July to get a verdict from Leica — the good news: They opted to replace the scope with a new one rather than repair. The bad news: I still haven’t received the new scope —
It has now been a year, and no repairs are being performed to fill that time.

Leica is notoriously terrible, I’ve learned from others, when it comes to servicing.

One bright spot: If you want extra help sending in your optics, the folks at the Bellevue Leica store are very friendly and seem very competent. They will ship for you, and can be an extra voice in the process in keeping track of things. They warned me in advance that the NJ [I think] factory is notoriously bad at customer service, and said they’d be happy to step in if I needed someone else to call on my behalf.

So , big thumbs up to the Bellevue Leica store , but if you do send anything in to Leica for servicing, best write it off for a long long time.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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Can they really be that backlogged?


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I have a 21 year old pair of Leica Trinovid binoculars that I dearly love. The focusing knob got too stiff, so I showed them to two sales/repair people, one in Seattle and one in Cape May, NJ. Both recommended I send them in to be worked on by Leica USA. I sent them in to Leica on November 20th and STILL don't have them back ( 3 months plus) Everyone at Leica has been polite and helpful (and charged me $273). Bottom line: Send them to Leica, but don't expect them back for a LONG time.

Good luck

Ed Deal

Seattle, WA

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