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A nice, if mostly cloudy day today. Lots of baby birds, but still many males singing.

a.. Band-tailed Pigeon – adults and at least 1 juvenile
b.. Eurasian Collared-Dove – juvenile in Pea Patch
c.. Spotted Sandpiper – at least 2 near weir
d.. Caspian Tern – one flying down the river
e.. VIRGINIA RAIL – adult and 3 babies across slough
f.. Barn Owl – baby(s) inside windmill, heard 3:30am
g.. Western Screech-Owl – Matt even got photos this morning around 4am
h.. Black Swift – three above south end of Dog Meadow
i.. Lazuli Bunting – 2 males singing, one north and one south of Fields 7-8-9
j.. Bullock’s Oriole – female/juvenile in large cottonwood
The VIRGINIA RAILS were the big highlight. We haven’t even heard a rail since April, but today we heard what Matt thought were rail noises from across the river a little south of the Dog Meadow. About a minute after I played the call and got a response, Karen noticed an adult rail on mud across the river. As we watched over the next few minutes we spotted one, two, and then three black puffball babies following the adult around. Dare I say “cute”?

Earlier, we were happy to find TREE SWALLOWS feeding a baby in a hole in a cottonwood snag. Many pairs nest in boxes and gourds each year, but seeing them nest in natural holes is quite uncommon at Marymoor.

Immature birds noted today included DOWNY WOODPECKER, MARSH WREN, SPOTTED TOWHEE, COMMON YELLOWTHROAT, and BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK, and at least 16 additional species.

For the day, 63 species. Last Thursday evening, my wife and I heard a COMMON NIGHTHAWK, new for 2018. I believe that brings the park year list to 141 species.

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