[Tweeters] Pacific County Lazuli Bunting and Black Phoebe

Daniel R Froehlich danielfroehlich at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 16:58:20 PDT 2018

Incidental to running a Breeding Bird Survey Route around Raymond in
Pacific County, I found a singing Lazuli Bunting and a suspicious Black

The Lazuli Bunting was across from a defunct farmstead in riparian trees
along the Willapa River on Elk Prairie Road pretty much due south of the
hamlet of Frances on hwy 6 when viewed on a map. This is not far from the
Lewis County line. Careful, a passel of Goldfinches are also in
full-throated song at the same place with varying sounds, occasionally
resembling the Bunting. I was surprised that this is apparently the first
LAZB on eBird for Pacific County!

The Black Phoebe persisted from yesterday to today at the southernmost
ranch on Lilly-Wheaton Road just in from the junction with Highway 6. I
found it active in the barnyard among equipment, fencing and gates,
sallying even inside the sheds and barns. Both yesterday and today it
disappeared for several minutes up into the eaves of the old farmhouse at
the barn, across the barnyard from a tall, giant vat (labelled "Storeslurry

Neither did I see a second bird, nor could I confirm that the individual
was carrying food, so I couldn't confirm breeding, but it was awfully
suspicious. If there isn't yet a breeding record for Pacific County, it
might be worth it to ask farm-workers present to have a look under the
eaves. Both times I was there, there was no one about. I'm heading back
north to conduct another BBS route tomorrow morning.

Good birding!
Dan Froehlich
Poulsbo, WA
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