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Tweets – Predictably for the PNW, the hot sunny weather took a break for our Mid-Summer’s Day survey. We had a sold layer of overcast, and several times it felt like it might sprinkle this morning, but it never did. Lots of babies, lots of singing. Not many warblers. Beginning to feel like we’re heading into the Summer Doldrums soon.

a.. Wood Duck – Several clutches of various sizes
b.. Hooded Merganser – 5 at Rowing Club; adult male, adult female, 3 juveniles?
c.. Black Swift – at least 2; hoped for more, and for better looks
d.. Spotted Sandpiper – two below weir
e.. CASPIAN TERN – two flying towards lake over East Meadow. New for 2018
f.. Barn Owl – Matt saw one leave the windmill before 4am
g.. Steller’s Jay – 2 at Rowing Club – not often seen in the Weeks 25-27
h.. Purple Martin – active at 3 of the gourds; Tree swallow babies in 4th
i.. Orange-crowned Warbler – drab male singing in “Mysterious Thicket” area
j.. Western Tanager – male across from Rowing Club dock
k.. Lazuli Bunting – at least 1 male singing from wetland north of Fields 7-8-9
l.. Mule Deer (Black-tailed Deer) – two bucks in East Meadow beginning to grow antlers
The timing of the CASPIAN TERNS today was notable in how predictable they were. We have scattered sightings of Caspians from mid-April through August, but no week has had more than 4 sightings in 25+ years, except for the period centered on the summer solstice. We’ve now had them 12 times on Week 25 (this week), with 7 sightings each for weeks 24 and 26, and 5 each for weeks 23 and 27. Quite a bell curve! For the entire year, the only other week with more than 4 records is Week 29 in late July, with 7 sightings.

For the day, 61 species. Misses today included Canada Goose, Rock Pigeon, and Green Heron.

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