[Tweeters] Black-tailed Gull

William Byers byers345 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 20 17:29:14 PDT 2018

Hello Tweeters,

Earlier today I posted to say that I thought we had seen a
Black-tailed Gull on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry crossing. Now I have
processed the pictures Bill took. I really don't think this bird is a
California Gull, despite the coloration on the bill. Nonetheless, I await
the comments of the cognoscenti in our local birding community to set me
straight. There are some other interesting things about the bird's plumage.
On the dorsal side, which is the only side we can see, there are some white
feathers at the bend in the wing and a black spot. Maybe the bird is going
through a plumage change? Also, it is difficult to see the bird's eye, but
it doesn't look pale, which it should if it were a Black-tailed Gull.


Anyway, I find gull identification challenging and look
forward to hearing from anyone who thinks he/she knows what this bird is.
Thanks, Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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