[Tweeters] Birdbath dive bombing flycatcher

Wilson Cady gorgebirds at juno.com
Wed Jun 20 13:32:02 PDT 2018

Flycatchers are one of several families that bathe on the wing, we see vireos doing the same thing. If you set up a misting station they will love it along with the hummers. All you need is a drip irrigation line attached to a garden hose with a mister head on the end of it, they love it, we have two set up at our place. Wilson Cady
Columbia River Gorge, WA

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We have a Pacific slope FC who bathes this way every afternoon. Very fun to watch
Preston WA

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> Amusing observation of a flycatcher repeatedly dive bombing the birdbath. No idea what species as it stays for split second before disappering into hedgerow. One way to take a bath I suppose. Pacslope or peewee best guess.


> AKopitov

> Phinney Ridge


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