[Tweeters] Northern Mockingbird in Bothell?

Jeremy Schwartz jschwartz1124 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 08:09:36 PDT 2018

Hello tweeters!

How likely is a Northern Mockingbird in Bothell?

I just got done with a brief bird walk around a small pond in the North
Creek area of Bothell before work. I was wrapping things up, when I saw a
gray-brownish bird with what looked to be white wing patches on each wing
land in a tree. I got very quick looks at it through binoculars before it
changed the position, making it harder to see.

I chased it for a little bit around the pond, and once again saw two white
wing patches as it flitted from ground to a large tree. I was not able to
find it again this morning, mostly because I had to go to work.

eBird lists it as rare for this area, but is there anything else it could
have been? Again, it was a light brown-gray bird, roughly robin-sized, with
very obvious white wing patches clearly seen as it took off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Keep watching the skies,

Jeremy Schwartz
Lake Forest Park
jschwartz1124 at gmail dot com
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