[Tweeters] Brewer's Sparrow at Rainy Pass

Dave Parent dpdvm at whidbey.com
Mon Jun 18 07:46:06 PDT 2018


On the afternoon of Saturday, June 16, after a birding trip to the Methow we
stopped at the Rainy Pass parking lot at the southbound Pacific Crest Trail
access. Behind the restroom there is a tangle of slide alder. While pishing
there, a very confiding Brewer's Sparrow popped up about ten feet away and
gave a short version of its song before disappearing back into the alder

Are Timberline Sparrows, S.b.taverni, known to nest in the North Cascades or
was this a possible migrant?

Dave Parent, Freeland WA, dpdvm at whidbey.com

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