[Tweeters] Dead crows in Edmonds

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Crows are scavengers, so rat poison is a possibility. Ed Deal was talking about that at the Pilchuck Audubon meeting last night.

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> I guess nobody else wants to wade into this subject. Most dead birds submitted and reported in Washington have been from where most people live [King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties]. So far, all those birds have tested negative for West Nile Virus (WNV). WNV activity in Washington varies from year to year. It usually peaks late in Summer. The record year for WNV activity in WA was 2009 with 38 human cases, 22 infected birds and 72 infected horses. Most were in Eastern Washington. In past years, some bird die-offs have been caused by Corvid Reovirus [Pierce County 2012 and Spokane County in 2015]. Funding and dead bird follow-up is limited due to scarce resources and varies by county. If in doubt, call your local health department-environment health section and see if they want to collect dead bird information. I hope that helps.


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