[Tweeters] Olive-sided Flycatcher (heard not seen) / Caryn / Wedgwood

Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Thu Jun 7 08:51:38 PDT 2018

Saw a pair of those flycatchers in Issaquah 10 minutes ago. More chirping than drinking.

Larry Schwitters


> On Jun 7, 2018, at 8:01 AM, Caryn Schutzler <bluedarner1 at seanet.com> wrote:


> Good morning, Birders,


> Just heard an Olive-sided flycatcher (7:30am) drink-THREE-beers for first time this year this season. A little early for a beer(s) but always nice surprise to hear this bird.


> Well, as long as I’m on the subject, we did try Icicle Creek Dirty Face Amber in Leavenworth. Next to Leadbetter Red, this just could be our new fav. (But I swear I am drinking tea right now!!) Kind of like a Manny’s. I usually sip wine—are there any “winey” (not whiney…) bird calls? Perhaps you’d prefer a martini with your olive-sided bird? Sorry, just had to say it…I guess as they say, it is five o’clock somewhere, right?


> Drink-your-tea, Caryn as the Spotted towhee says…


> Cheers, no matter what you’re sipping!!


> Caryn / Wedgwood Neighborhood


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