[Tweeters] Deer Lagoon Marbled Godwit and Whimbrels

George Heleker earthman1950 at whidbey.com
Wed Jun 6 20:22:33 PDT 2018

There were 33 Whimbrels at Deer Lagoon on Whidbey Island this morning along
with a Marbled Godwit. The Whimbrels were a surprise as I thought they were
long gone by now, and it was the highest number of Whimbrels that I have
seen at that location. Naturally, the godwit was a surprise as well. They
were all feeding in the mud next to the water of a mostly empty Deer

I went back this afternoon, hoping to get some photos that weren't backlit
like this morning's, and quickly found the godwit and 33 Whimbrels near the
west dike of the lagoon.

George Heleker
earthman1950 at whidbey.com

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