[Tweeters] C. Nighthawk over Mercer Island

Charles Easterberg easterbg at uw.edu
Sun Jun 3 14:13:28 PDT 2018

You'll have to do something about the crows and gulls that eat their eggs first. I've lived in Seattle 47 years and nighthawks have declined from uncommon to the vanishing point in the city compared to Illinois and Minnesota. Maybe global climate change will bring lesser nighthawks up here 😉





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For those of you who will still be around in 20 years, I can't help wondering if the warming climate will add more "bugs" (prey) for these birds in future years adding to their return to western Washington evenings.

Dianna Moore

Ocean Shores

On 2018-06-02 10:30 pm, Dan Reiff, PhD wrote:

Just heard several calls of a C. Nighthawk over lake near our place on SW MI.
Always great to have them in Western WA.
Would be very neat to have them re-establish on this side of the mountains.
Dan Reiff
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