[Tweeters] budgie

Marcia Ian gnudle at icloud.com
Tue Jul 31 12:56:57 PDT 2018

I just have to say, our dearly beloved yellow budgie Solomon Wallace Wigwam, may he rest in peace, first appeared in our NJ backyard 15 years ago, at our bird feeders. I captured him by throwing a towel over the entire bird feeder, brought him inside to the porch, where he stayed while I plastered the neighborhood with found budgie posters and called local vets. Lucky me, no body claimed him, so he was ours!! He was a pistol, and brought us great joy and hilarity. He moved out here with us and now is buried nearby amidst appropriate keepsakes.

Marcia Ian

"There is a yellow Budgie (most likely) hanging out at my birdfeeder in
Magnolia. Is anyone missing a pet?


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