[Tweeters] Southern Coast of Fox Island and Montlake Eagles

T. Stokes tlstokeslmp at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 08:35:04 PDT 2018

Spending a few days on Fox Island and watching 13 Canadian Geese fly along
the shore every morning at 8am heading west and fly past again just after
sundown heading east. It's a new thing along this beach and reminds me of
the large flock of geese who would fly over the house I was renting along
the Snoqualmie River years ago like clockwork, the most wonderful morning
alarm of distant calling coming closer until they flew over up the river
and back again at nightfall.

Spent time observing the Montlake bald eagle nest tree (minus nest) site.
Chatted with our Lake Union blogger and master birder Larry Hubble, and
observed the adult female (Marsha) fly to perch with the juvenile (Lucy),
then switch off when the adult male (Monty) brought food. When downloading
the photos I found he carried a fuzzy-headed something which I'm still
trying to identify. See photos. In one if you zoom in you can see a gray
foot. Watched him begin to share the catch with Lucy, then it appeared Lucy
grabbed at it and it may have fallen. No nest to store meals in. When
leaving I noticed a couple of older meals on the ground with a strong aroma
in various states of decomposition.


Lucy appears and sounds healthy. He/she has great loud screeching calls,
and a wild high note call when a parent brings food. Hopefully soon we'll
hear of her fledging.

While there a drone pilot showed up and luckily Larry shared information on
the eagles and nest tree and even though that area may be open for
drone-flying the pilot left. Wondering if we can change that area to a
no-drone-fly-zone? Vital currently due to the precarious lack of a nest for
the juvenile.

Hoping to get an update on the sibling (Charlie) currently at PAWS healing
from a fractured pelvis.


T.L. Stokes
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