[Tweeters] Probable Eastern Kingbird in Thurston County

Bert Bartleson bartlesonfsc at comcast.net
Fri Jul 27 17:32:11 PDT 2018

Hi Tweeters,

Today my wife and I were cycling on the Chehalis Western Trail. We stopped
for snacks across Military Road past MP -19.5. This area is a field with
some cows and is open with a fence and some bushes separating it from the
trail. We saw a bird which to me looked like an E. kingbird. It was about
the size of a robin, black head and back, bright white belly, black thick
bill. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera nor binoculars with me. The
bird was perched on a scotch broom branch about 30' feet away and stayed for
about five minutes before it flew down the trail to a couple of alder trees.
I've seen E. Kingbirds several times in E. Washington and N. Idaho so I'm
familiar with the bird.

The location of the bird is about 3/10th mile past where CW Trail crosses
Military Road. Look for a fir tree that provides a bit of shade and a
couple of deciduous trees on the East side of the trail. That's where we
stopped and saw the bird at about 12:15 PM today.

I'd love to have someone verify the bird with photos or more accurate
description with good optics. I understand that this is a rare bird in
Thurston County and hasn't been seen here during the last two years
(according to E-bird). What else might it be, if not an E. Kingbird?

Good birding!

Bert Bartleson, Olympia

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