[Tweeters] Tricolored Blackbirds and White-faced Ibis- Kahlotus Lake, Franklin Co.

Jason Fidorra jfidorra at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 14:28:23 PDT 2018

CORRECTION: Kahlotus Lake is EAST of Kahlotus on HWY 260, not west. Sorry.

On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 2:13 PM, Jason Fidorra <jfidorra at gmail.com> wrote:

> A wet depression east of Kahlotus, WA is currently flooded and a great

> spot to find TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS. A newly found colony is near and

> I include viewing information below. This morning an adult WHITE-FACED IBIS

> was present with several other species of SHOREBIRDS.

> https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S47461958


> To view the "lake" (or mud hole, currently) drive HWY 260 for 2.45 miles

> west of Kahlotus and the HWY 263 intersection. The safest parking is along

> the gravel rd/driveway here on the left (46.651, -118.5026). DO NOT PARK IN

> ANY VEGETATION! Your car will catch on fire!! Cross the Hwy and near the

> start of the guardrail you'll see my foot trail over a downed barbwire

> fence to an overlook. This is DNR property, don't worry. A scope from here

> will be needed. You technically can also hike down and up the steep,

> lose rocky slope to the old railroad bed but this is very treacherous and

> not recommended! 10-40 tricolored blackbirds have been on the mud foraging

> with tails cocked up along with shorebirds and cows.


> If you are just coming for the blackbirds, the best viewing is at the

> house up the driveway where birds are coming to feeders in her chicken

> coop. https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S47462007 The coop and home are on

> private property, but the owner is bird friendly. Folks are welcome to stop

> by to see the birds but 1) Must not let car touch grass/veg. Park on gravel

> only! 2) Watch for rattlesnakes! She is very worried someone will be bitten

> by the numerous rattlers around her yard. This is likely the best spot to

> see Tricolored Blackbirds at close range in WA currently. Respect this

> property.


> Kahlotus Lake used to host breeding pelicans and fishermen! The water

> disappeared in the 1990s. Interesting place. Be sure to stop by the

> Farmer's Daughter Café for a snack in tiny Kahlotus and tell them you're

> here for the birds!


> Jason Fidorra

> Pasco, WA

> jfidorra at gmail dot you know the rest.


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