[Tweeters] Hungry, and intelligent crow at my sister's

mary hrudkaj mch1096 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 22 06:54:28 PDT 2018

Got an email last evening from my sister about the hungry crows at her place. Two things: for the past several months she's been throwing out stale bread and the crows have been bringing her bright shiny things like a metal spoon and a string of shiny beads. Yesterday, Saturday, she and her daughter were working at their kitchen table which is under a clear skylight. They heard a rapping and thought it was her husband coming back from a walk and finding the door locked. A quick check of the door - no hubby. The rapping continued and they looked up at the skylight and there was a crow rapping. The crow even had its beak open as it rapped as if using that for a form of sign language - come feed us. Having some outdated hotdogs in the fridge they put out the package of hotdogs which were scarfed up in an instant by the resident flock in their neighborhood. The put out some water as that is getting to be in short supply. They are also letting the crows have their plums and Asian pears this year.

They live in the South Kitsap area near Sedgewick and Bethel.

Happy birding

Mary Hrudkaj

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