[Tweeters] What about those Crows?

George Heleker earthman1950 at whidbey.com
Sat Jul 21 19:49:40 PDT 2018

I am wondering about the crows of northwestern WA, and am hoping that
someone might have some new information. I did a search and found several
great posts from birders on Tweeters from 2003, but that was quite a while
ago, at this point. Perhaps there is some new information out there?

When entering crow sightings from the Puget Sound region on eBird, I use
"American/Northwestern Crow" as suggested by the folks at Cornell:

Consequently, I get a LOT of emails from eBird for my Island County
"species needs list", for American Crow sightings. I have noticed that far
more people list American Crow than Northwestern crow, even in the north
sound. Could that be that most birders have come to the conclusion that
there is not a true Northwestern Crow, or at least not one in the Puget
Sound area? I also have seen two recent eBird checklists where people have
listed more than one crow species at the same time at my favorite birding
spot on south Whidbey island, one listing 2 American Crows and 3
Northwestern Crows, and another listing 4 Northwestern Crows and 3
American/Northwestern Crows. I would sure like to know if they know
something that I don't about our local crows.

After reading on the internet including the two articles below, I am
inclined to start listing my local crow sightings as American Crows. If you
have any information or an opinion on this subject, I would certainly
appreciate it.




George Heleker
Whidbey Island

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