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Not a dumb question. I’ve seen black-tailed deer (the only deer known to occur in your area) run off with their tail up high and they give the impression of the well known white flag appearance of a fleeing white-tailed deer. In western Washington there are Columbian White-tailed Deer and they have been translocated from the Cathlamet area to the Ridgefield and Longview area along the Columbia River and very near the mouth of the Cowlitz River. They have moved about and expanded from these release sites but there is no evidence that they’ve expanded even as far north as Lewis County, so far.

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Hi Tweeters,

A few minutes ago my old dog chased a doe out of our back garden and into the forest. The deer have never run off before as we are careful not to spook them. What I find odd is the deer had a very white flagged tail when she sprinted out of here. Not as long as the normal White Tails I grew up with in Kansas.

I’ve never paid much attention to the particular deer we have, so I don’t know who else has a white tail.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I know it’s a dumb question

Bty the Lesser Goldfinch are still here, but the last week they have been less consistent in the feeders

Vicki Biltz

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