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STEVEN ELLIS sremse at comcast.net
Wed Jul 11 18:17:17 PDT 2018

I've been conducting an Amphibian, Reptile and Fish Big Year (ARF) to see what's possible for an intended Vertebrate Big Year when I retire in a couple of years. A 3 week roadtrip to the southwest added several species. The totals to date are:

Amphibians: 10 (5 salamanders, 1 newt, 3 frogs, 1 toad)

Reptiles: 9 (6 lizards, 2 snakes & 1 turtle)

Fish: 22 (none caught by hook)

Total 41

Lifers include such species as Tiger Salamander & Longnose Dace.

I still need several "local" species including Cascade Frog, Western Toad, Long-toed and Red-backed Salamanders, Western Fence Lizard, any freshwater sculpin and/or sucker. Thanks for any help you can give me!!

For the record, I've also found:

Birds: 201

Mammals: 30

Total Vertebrates: 272 ( I'm counting sharks, rays and lampreys as "honorary vertebrates".

Steve Ellis

Coupeville, Wa.

sremse at comcast.net

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