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Nice Western Fence Lizard. I've seen them sunning themselves on the exposed embankments on the west side of the Tahuya-Blacksmith Rd in the past. You usually don't notice them unless they move.

Several years ago I had a family of them in an old railroad tie in the yard. They had 2 tiny little babies that were best seen through binoculars at about 10 feet away. The little ones were only about an inch long and cute as all get out. Since then the ties has rotten away and I haven't seen WF lizards in a couple years.

Sometimes binoculars are useful for more than just birds.

BTW - my neice got gold in Women's shot put in the Special Olympics USA Games.

Mary Hrudkaj

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Following Mary Hrudkaj’s July 2 post of Mountain Quails in her yard, we went to the nearby Ebird hotspot “Tahuya Blacksmith Road” again today in search of this elusive bird. No quails today. It wasn’t very birdy except for robins and western wood pewees, but I did photograph the very first Western Washington lizard that I’ve ever seen. It was 4-5 inches long, probably a Western Fence Lizard. If interested, my photograph is at


Al in Tacoma

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