[Tweeters] White Pelican Impact Questions

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Sun Jul 8 09:21:34 PDT 2018

I enjoyed reading the posts by George and Gary about the masking of White Pelicans at Deer Lagoon.  Gary's tie in to the fireworks is certainly interesting.  
A question that comes to my mind is the impact of such a large number of large birds on a new ecosystem.   The pelicans are relatively new to Deer Lagoon.  These are huge birds and must consume a large number of fish.  Are they feeding elsewhere and then just resting in the Lagoon?  If not what is their impact on the Deer Lagoon ecosystem.
For that matter, I think these birds are relatively new to Puget Sound period.  What has been there impact on Padilla Bay fish stocks?  In general it has been Brown Pelicans in salt water while White Pelicans have favored fresh or brackish water.  What is the explanation?

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