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Yup, males go where the female goes! This works that way for most
waterfowl, as females are philopatric and return to the place they were
hatched or the place they previously nested (as you mentioned). Thus a
male, once paired with a female, will follow her to where she will breed.
This is why most waterfowl pair during the winter, so males can follow the
females as they return to their natal area during spring migration.

Jeff Kozma


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When was taking Gamebird Biology in college the prof had a neat story about
Long-tailed Duck migration. He said that the pair on the wintering grounds
and then return to where the female was hatched. The example he gave was a
male, hatched in Alaska. Wintered off the Pacific Coast, travelled with his
mate to Hudson's Bay. Wintered off of Cape Cad, met a new female and went to
Iceland. Then wintered in Europe and went north to Scandinavia. Eventually,
he ended up back in Alaska having not only circled the globe but brought
genetic variation to a lot of populations.

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> Hi, Tweeters, I thought some of you might want to hear the outcome of the

> banded Harlequin Duck..... Meredith Spencer, Bridgeport


> Hi,


> The banded Harlequin male I saw far up the Chewuch River was banded as

> a chick in 2012 in the upper MacDonald Creek area of Glacier National


> He was most likely headed to the coast.


> Interestingly, the researcher said two of her Harlequins were observed

> on Lake Erie and the ATLANTIC ocean!!


> Libby Schreiner


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