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In the current issue of the Maryland Ornithological Society's
journal, Maryland Birdlife, is an article, penned by yours truly,
entitled, "The Maryland/District of Columbia Records Committee
Presents the First Richard A. Rowlett Field Excellence Award to
Richard A. Rowlett."

Rich Rowlett was a powerhouse birder in Maryland during the decade of
the 1970s. Among other claims to fame, Rich pioneered Maryland
pelagic birding with many notable regional accomplishments. However,
most contemporary east coast birders know virtually nothing about
Rich since he left our area in 1981. Rich is now retired and lives in
the Seattle area.

A few years ago, our records committee established an award to
recognize field birders who have risen above and beyond the call of
duty to find, document, and publish information on regional rarities.
The first award is being presented to Rich and henceforth the award
will be named after him.

The article that appears in Maryland Birdlife is an abridged version
of a very complete and detailed compendium of Rich's activities,
records, and publications from the 1970s. Hopefully, the unabridged
version can serve as a valuable reference covering Maryland and
regional birding during the 1970s through the prism of Rich's
experiences. The manuscript focuses on Maryland; however, it also
covers, in detail, Rich's activities in Virginia, North Carolina, and

The link, below, will enable you download either the abridged or
unabridged PDF documents:


Abridged version = 21 pages, approx. 6,500 words, 79

Unabridged version = 126 pages, approx. 54,000
words, 243 references (!!)

The current issue of Maryland Birdlife is the first of a two-part
series on pelagic birding (Gene Scarpulla, editor). The second part
will be published in the fall.


Phil Davis, Secretary
MD/DC Records Committee
2549 Vale Court
Davidsonville, Maryland 21035 USA
mailto:PDavis at ix.netcom.com

MD/DCRC Web site: http://www.MDBirds.org/mddcrc/rcindex.html
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