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You can report banded birds here:

Anyone banding wild birds in the U.S. has to have a federal banding permit
and must report their banding efforts to USGS. Anyone that sees or finds a
banded bird can report the information to the USGS using their online form.
This is important because once the banded bird is reported, the bander is
notified of the relocation/sighting and the information on the band return
is recorded by USGS and the bander in order to track the movements of banded
birds. In turn, the person who reports the banded bird gets a certificate
in the mail with information one where and when the bird was originally
banded. It's a win win for everyone.

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Subject: Harlequin
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----I received this message today. R. Glick lives in Winthrop. Meredith

We found a banded male Harlequin 20 miles north of Winthrop, WA, sitting on
a rock in the Chewuch River with two females. He had a blue band on his
left leg with the letters JP. An aluminum band was on the right leg, with
the first two numbers being 71. Does anyone know of harlequins being banded
in the Pacific Northwest? Thanks, Libby Schreiner

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