[Tweeters] Nesting Black Throated Gray Warbler?

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I had a pair of BL Throated Gray Warblers nest in my yard every single year for like 3 years straight.. I can only hope and assume they nested there again this year.. I recently moved.. so I won't know.

That was in Arlington/LkStevens area.

Sammy Catiis
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Over the years we have seen them feeding young (including the dreaded cowbird) in Preston. Don’t know whether they actually nested in the area or were just passing through.
However this year we have some coming to our pond almost every afternoon so chances are good that they are nesting locally.
Jan Ray

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> What is the probability that Black Throated Gray Warblers would be nesting in the Puget Sound area? Everything I’ve been reading on them says they prefer dry habitat, with oak or juniper, but I’m 99% certain I saw a pair feeding a juvenile at the Tacoma Nature Center. Unfortunately, the juvenile looked like a Brown Headed Cowbird. They do show up as fairly widespread this time of year on E-Bird.


> Pat Coddington

> Fife, WA

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