[Tweeters] Mini mallard

Marcia Ian gnudle at icloud.com
Sun Jul 1 12:51:13 PDT 2018

Hi Larry and Tweeters All,

Have you ever seen call ducks? Call ducks are mini ducks bred “for decoration”, or to serve as living decoys for hunters. Some years ago three call ducks showed up at the little pond behind my suburban NJ house, located in a densely populated area, two males and a female, which I assumed someone abandoned there, as others had abandoned Pekins and Muscovy ducks. They were just adorable, and best described as miniature mallards. They looked identical to mallards, only small. Some evil doer killed the female but I was able to find a safer home for the two males, as I had for other abandoned domestics. I wonder if they might have been call ducks?

Marcia Ian

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