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Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 31 19:59:39 PST 2018

Dear Tweeters,This summer, I may well throw in the towel and go on my first organized birding tour, instead of cobbling together a trip on my own. The excellent "Fatbirder" website led me to a short list of major companies, several of which have tours on dates when I could go.I am a pretty gung-ho international birder, willing to go on fairly short sleep, willing to sleep in fairly simple accommodations--while not sinking to the wretched level of hovels unless absolutely necessary for a night or two. I typically pick a country to bird in, based on whether I have a goodly list of possible lifers there--so I might conceivably pick a tour on any of several continents.So, here's a list of companies I saw on Fatbirder: Field Guides; VENT; Birdquest; Rockjumper; Wings; Tropical Birding.Any feedback is welcome. For example--are any of these too laid-back for a serious lister? Do any have "red flags" I should know about? Are any of them overpriced, or poorly managed?There were a few other companies about which I had heard good things, but I have left them out, either because their websites let me down, or they had no tours during my time window. Perhaps I am neglecting a company that I should consider? Thanks for your consideration.Yours truly,Gary Bletsch
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