[Tweeters] Wagtail Ettiquette

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Sun Jan 28 12:27:43 PST 2018

Hi folks,

There were a great bunch of birders at the 19th Way wagtail and Rusty yesterday afternoon. We had wonderful views of both the wagtail and the Rusty Blackbird, and people were sharing scope views, pointing the bird out to others, and comporting themselves pretty well. Many thanks to all who made the effort to get everyone good views of these rarities.

I did note that we birders might do a better job of keeping our vehicles out of the way of the farm equipment, as there were a couple times that tractors and farms trucks had to jockey around the birders’ cars, and once some of us birders had to scramble to move our cars to allow a farm truck to use the roadway. I apologized to one of the drivers, and he just laughed it off, but it is always well to 'share the road', keep on the 'good side' of the locals working where we wish to watch birds, and to maintain our 'good standing' in the greater community.

Jon. Anderson
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