[Tweeters] White Wagtail, King Co SE19th way

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Fri Jan 26 14:25:51 PST 2018

Hi Tweets

I arrived at the farm end of SE 19th Way at about 1:15 (having been told by
Anne Marie) that they had seen the White Wagtail there. About 2 minutes or
so later the wagtail flew in, by itself from the NW. It landed in one of the
tall bare deciduous trees to the right of the driveway. It perched on a
couple of limbs for a bit, moved to the right into another tree and to a
couple of limbs, and then further to the right to another tree. At this
final perch is was more in the open, but after about 10 seconds all the
other birds in the tree including the wagtail took off. They flew to the NW
across the open field and eventually landed in a large stand of trees and

The group of folks at the location were happy to have seen the bird, even if
only briefly.

Good Birding!

Brian H. Bell

Woodinville WA

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