[Tweeters] Yellow-rumped warbler

Margaret Sandelin msand47 at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 25 10:57:11 PST 2018

Just looking at my suet feeder in the back yard and saw an unfamiliar
bird that at first thought was a Golden-crowned Sparrow as it has a
bright yellow head patch, but then it also had a yellow throat, yellow
under the wings and when it flew I could see yellow on its rump.
My first book to check for back yard birds is Birds of the Puget Sound
Region by Morse, Aversa & Opperman but the only 2 birds with yellow
crowns were the Sparrow and the Golden-crowned Kinglet and it obviously
was neither so went to my Stokes Western Region Field Guide to Birds and
discovered I had a Yellow-rumped Warbler - first in my yard.
Margaret Sandelin
Queen Anne

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