[Tweeters] American Tree Sparrow

littlebirder littlebirder at pacifier.com
Wed Jan 24 19:43:25 PST 2018

I saw an AMERICAN TREE SPARROW today in Chesaw, Okanogan county. 
It was around the corner from the well known  house with the bird feeders. We never saw a single bird at those feeders the several times we checked them.
PINE GROSBEAKS were feeding in the fruit trees at the red and white house. The COMMON REDOLLS and the SPARROW were feeding in the tree with the long thin hanging limbs. I don't know for sure what it is called.
Two GRAY JAYs were along Nealey Rd between the Nealey Rd feeders and Grange Rd.
It was a rather miserable day. It snowed yesterday making some of the roads, not plowed, impassable. It rained today and the birds seemed to be laying low.
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