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was the Hawk's handler there at all ??? ... last week we saw a handler doing everything he could to get the hawk back ... we watched for a good 40 minutes ... as we left the handler was dragging a lure around on the ground and the Hawk was just skipping around branches in the tree ... (near Park's entrance) ... we wondered if the handler was successful ... obviously not ...


Lyn Topinka
Vancouver, Wa,

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Today I was driving on Old Lower River Road (Vancouver, WA) when I spotted a fox not far from the recycling plant. It stopped and looked at me, then disappeared into the brush. It had thick fur, mostly dark-colored (brown/black)  with reddish-gold areas. The nose of the fox was reddish-gold. I assume it was a darker morph of a red fox. This is the only fox I have seen since I moved to Washington state, and its location was fairly close to an urban area.

In other news, I saw a red-tailed hawk with jesses on its legs at Vancouver Lake.  They were kind of noisy, so I assume the falconer is not trying to encourage the hawk to hunt I can't imagine prey sticking around after hearing that clanging.

Michelle Maani
Vancouver, Washington
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