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Thu Jan 18 14:29:53 PST 2018

Last year about this time a young man from California bought a lot in our subdivision. The lower portion of the 3 acre lot was a wooded seasonal wetland. He camped on the site and got out his brand new chainsaw and went to town. He was reported to the County about disturbing the wetland and clear cutting without a permit. He claimed the wetland wasn't a wetland and went ahead and finished cutting almost all the trees and then had someone come out and dig a ditch across the edge of the wetland and a larger holding area to the west of the small wetland. His goal was to channel the water onto his neighbor's land. The County finally cracked down on him shutting down his project which had already annihilated everything but a few alders and they made him get a portable toilet instead of doing in the woods what only bears are allowed to do.

All this fall and winter the former wetland has been awash with water, now open wide for all the birds to see. This morning coming back from the store I caught sight of ripple on the tiny pond and, following the ripples to their source, found a female Hooded Merganser preening and just enjoying her little bit of heaven. I had to run home and get my binoculars to confirm the ID but it was worth the trip. I've been in this subdivision (mountain quail haven alias Belfair View Estates) for 16 years now and this is the first I've had a merganser of any sort up here on the ridge.

It was so wonderful to see a bit of nature making a comeback on a tiny pond created by an idiot with a chainsaw by day and marijuana and booze by night. It's a wonder he didn't kill himself. As the saying goes, Nature will find a way.

Mary Hrudkaj

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