[Tweeters] Re: Barred Owl hunting earthworms, Seattle

Hubbell ldhubbell at comcast.net
Thu Jan 18 12:50:25 PST 2018


About a year and half ago, in late Spring of early Summer, Penny Bolton led a bird walk in the Arboretum. It was starting to get dark and the rain was a drizzling mist. The young barred owls had fledged but apparently not yet learned to hunt for themselves. While we watched, the adult BAOWs pulled up earthworms, just as you described, and then took them to the young. As the moisture brought the worms to the surface the process was repeated over and over. Their cons,option of worms reminded me of small children slurping spaghetti.

Larry Hubbell
ldhubbell at comcast dot net

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