RE: [Tweeters] Ongoing population decline prompts BirdLife to officially declare New Zealand’s Kea “Endangered”

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Thank you! I really enjoyed this article. I had a run-in with Kea at Arthur’s Pass chronicled in a short blog here:
But knew very little else about them. I am not at all surprised that they can rearrange road cones or play in jungle gyms! We did see some less habituated ones elsewhere, and that was a pleasure.

Thanks for your great Medium articles!

Teresa Michelsen
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Hello everyone,

i just published a piece on my Medium site that was originally published in BirdLife magazine a month ago. (I've not seen their published version, but this piece has been updated and has different images.) You may know that most of my written material is republished on Medium, where there are no subscriptions (although donations are happily accepted), no paywalls, and no ads.

The forested mountains of New Zealand’s South Island are home to that famous mischievous alpine parrot, the Kea. But this inquisitiveness, along with predation by invasive mammals and feeding junk food by tourists, is contributing to the species’ ongoing decline: Kea have just been up-listed to Endangered

hope this was interesting and informative.

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