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> Dan's response to my inquiry as to whether or not it would be OK for me to share his pics with you :

> **********************


> Barb,

> Yes, OK to send the photos to others, including Tweeters.

> Thank you for asking.


> The SU Owl. It was actively tracking potential prey in each of these photos. Tracking Rats- I saw them too- and gulls. All indicators point to young male.

> Distant, No light and High up-but I enjoyed observing it hunt, preen and watch everything. I used a basic flashlight that I received for Christmas.

> I do not use flashes as they may startle night birds. About 840mm, so a real stretch for the light and best seen at about size 9x16".

> And yes at about 5:00 in the morning, I was not editing well, but wanted Tweets to know it was still there, so stayed up composing the email. So, "not significant". And, I spend a lot of time with many species of owls to better observe, sometimes record, and understand their behaviors.

> Guess it's not a soccer fan.

> Dan


> Also: ARR Is an old pirate expression: ARRRR.....Rights Reserved

link to Dan's photos in Flickr album :


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