[Tweeters] Volunteers needed for Short-eared Owl surveys

Buchanan, Joseph B (DFW) Joseph.Buchanan at dfw.wa.gov
Wed Jan 17 09:12:05 PST 2018

Volunteer for Short-eared Owl Surveys

The Western Asio flammeus Landscape Study (WAfLS) seeks volunteers to help complete an eight-state citizen science project designed to gather information to better evaluate the population status of the Short-eared Owl. The Short-eared Owl has been listed in many western states as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need and recent information indicates a substantial population decline. These surveys are a critical starting point to fill information gaps for this species. Results will inform conservation actions by agencies and partners.

Volunteers will enjoy rural western landscapes at twilight while completing one road-based survey during each of two survey windows (1 - 21 March and 22 March - 15 April). The surveys consist of driving on secondary roads in eastern Washington, stopping at 8 to 11 points to complete a five-minute survey. At each point volunteers will record detections of Short-eared Owls as well as some brief habitat information. The entire survey is completed within 90 minutes. Training material will be provided. Participants will need to follow field and data entry protocols, have use of a vehicle, have a GPS (or a smartphone), and be able to identify a Short-eared Owl. Survey locations have been randomly selected by project planners, but actual routes within those locations will be identified by volunteers.

Help fill information gaps by signing-up for a survey<http://www.avianknowledgenorthwest.net/citizen-science/short-eared-owls/33-sign-up> in Washington (or any of the other participating states: CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WY)! Visit the project website<http://www.avianknowledgenorthwest.net/citizen-science/short-eared-owls/32-reports-papers> for more details including the protocol<http://www.avianknowledgenorthwest.net/images/aknw/WAFLS/Survey_Resources/2018%20WAFLS%20Survey%20Protocol.pdf>, past year's reports and publications<http://www.avianknowledgenorthwest.net/citizen-science/short-eared-owls/32-reports-papers> and how to sign-up<http://www.avianknowledgenorthwest.net/citizen-science/short-eared-owls/33-sign-up>. For any questions contact your state coordinator.<http://www.avianknowledgenorthwest.net/citizen-science/short-eared-owls/40-contacts> The state coordinator for Washington is Joe Buchanan (Joseph.Buchanan at dfw.wa.gov<mailto:Joseph.Buchanan at dfw.wa.gov>). We also need participants in Washington to register as volunteers with WDFW at (https://wdfw.wa.gov/about/volunteer/); at this link please click "Register to Volunteer" and you will be at the registration site. Questions about volunteering with WDFW should be directed to Christine Redmond (Christine.Redmond at dfw.wa.gov<mailto:Christine.Redmond at dfw.wa.gov>).

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