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Tue Jan 16 09:33:48 PST 2018

sounds like it's time to buy, and practice using, a wrist rocket.

On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 10:40 AM, Dan Reiff, PhD <dan.owl.reiff at gmail.com>

> Tweets,

> Doug Parrot and I were walking out on the Edmond’s pier a few days ago,

> having a nice chat and looking for birds.

> When we reached the South end, we heard a sound, looked up and saw a drone

> flying about 15 feet above us. It went past the end of the pier, dropped

> and turned to face us-

> 20-25 feet in front of us and and about 5 feet higher than our heads.

> I felt-well I am not sure what-it was a novel experience-but I did not

> like it-at all!!


> I strongly waved for it- by owner- to leave. It didn’t.

> I could not locate the owner, but he was no where nearby.

> Really obnoxious, I believe illegal and dangerous.

> Have any of you had this experience?

> I like dogs, but not unleashed, in a posted area. At least I can talk to

> the owner.


> Unleashed Drones, remotely piloted by someone who is not visible,

> physically intrusive and potentially dangerous are a ten fold greater

> annoyance. I really hope this is not new trend.

> But, I drone on.....

> Thank you,

> Dan Reiff_______________________________________________

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