[Tweeters] Oh for Three Today

Jon Houghton jon.houghton at hartcrowser.com
Sat Jan 13 17:44:42 PST 2018

Hi Tweets - First, let me apologize for the double tweet on the Snowy Owl (or lack thereof) this morning: My phone was doing something weird and didn't register the first message, so I sent the second - which arrived before the first. Oh well, some things us 'mature' folk may never figure out. Anyway, that attempt was on my way to West Seattle to visit my (very) new granddaughter. Since West Seattle is (roughly) half way from Edmonds to Tacoma, I figured I'd follow up that visit with a trip to T-town to try to re-find, the Harris's Sparrow that's been hanging out there since last year (when I found it in a driving snowstorm).
The sunshine was lovely as can be along the Hylebos WWay and seems to have stimulated the mega 4x4 owner who took great pleasure at driving a high speed through the very large and deep pond in the access/parking area of the funny little peninsula along 11th Street, where the bird has been. I became intimate with the 3 Golden-crowned Sparrows and 1 Song that are currently holding the fort on the peninsula, but could not convince them to give up their cousin Zono. And all I could coax out of the vast thicket next to the parking pond was one White-crowned Sp. On to Gog-Li-Hi-Te, many gray-backed gulls, no visible Glaucous there or at 11th street. BUT...Mt. Tahoma was fantastic, looming over the industrial chaos of the tide flats. Happy Birding! - Jon Houghton, Edmonds

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