[Tweeters] Last chance to send in your guesses for the "Next 5 State Birds" contest

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 11 16:47:22 PST 2018

Hi all - a reminder that I’m collecting guesses for a contest to guess the next 5 birds for the WA State list.

We ran this contest last year and seven birds were added before I could wrap up the contest! My write-up of that round and the results from all the guesses can be found in WOS News 170 at this link: http://wos.org/documents/wosnws/wosnews170.pdf#page=12 <http://wos.org/documents/wosnws/wosnews170.pdf#page=12>

To join this time around, check out the article [and the linked older ones], read through the current list, and send in your guesses by emailing me.

Deadline to submit is this weekend — after that I’ll write up the guesses and get them in a coming issue of WOS news. Then the waiting begins anew to see who does the best.


Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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