[Tweeters] Okanogan/Douglas Co trip

Stefan Schlick greenfant at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 10 13:56:23 PST 2018

Randy Hill, Casey Cunningham and I ran up to Douglas and Okanogan Co for the last 4 days.

Jan 6: Waterville Plateau, 2-4:30pm, fog

-Golden Eagle (2 at Rock Island Grade)
-Lapland Longspur (1 at Rd F NW west of Mansfield),
-Snow Bunting (4 at Rd F NW west of Mansfield)

Jan 7: Okanogan Highlands, all day, Subaru got stuck on access road to Highlands Sno Park (!)

-Gray Partridge (7 along Havillah Rd north of Havillah; 1 carefree bird along Bolster Rd north of Chesaw)
-Bohemian Waxwing (100 at Nealey Rd feeder, 2 along Chesaw-Oroville Rd)
-Pine Grosbeak (2 in Chesaw)
-Gray-crowned Rosy-finch (85 along Hungry Hollow Rd, 40 in Molson)
-Pacific Wren (1mi uphill/west of Chesaw)
-Northern Pygmy-Owl (1 along Havillah Rd)
-Townsend's Solitaire (1 along Bolster Rd)
-Golden Eagle (2 near Chesaw)
-Ruffed Grouse (Alder Flycatcher spot along Havillah Rd)
-Wild Turkey (1 along Havillah Rd)
-Chukar (several along Fancher Rd)

Solid numbers of Rough-legged Hawks (including 4 dark morphs) and Northern Shrikes

Jan 8: Bridgeport area and Waterville Plateau all day, lots of fog

-Bewick's Wren (2 at Washburn Island)
-Yellow-rumped Warbler (1 at Washburn Island)
-Northern Sawwhet-Owl (4 at Bridgeport State Park)
-Sharp-tailed Grouse (9 along Bridgeport Hill Rd)
-Prairie Falcon (1 on Mansfield Rd, just south of Mansfield)
-American Tree Sparrow (1 along Bridgeport Hill Rd; 20 along Heritage Lane)
-Common Redpoll (10 along Heritage Lane)
-Gray Partridge (6 at a farm along 17 north of Sims Corner)

Very low numbers of Horned Larks around Mansfield.

Jan 9: Cameron Lake Rd, Waterville Plateau most of the day, then off for the drive home, fog again

-Snow Bunting (3 separate small flocks of a total of 16 birds along Cameron Lake Rd, a few singles on the Waterville Plateau)
-Gray-crowned Rosy-finch (2 in Horned Lark flock on Bridgeport end of Cameron Lake Rd)
-Snowy Owl (1 along Cameron Lake Rd)
-Sharp-tailed Grouse (8 along Bridgeport Hill Rd)

Despite a lot of effort we could not dig up a Gyrfalcon. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun!

Stefan Schlick
Hillsboro, OR

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