[Tweeters] 4 Zono days

Bob Archer rabican1 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 08:02:04 PST 2018

I agree a 4 Zono day is doable in NW Oregon SW Washington. I have done it
several times , the challenge is to get a PHOTO of 4 Zonos all together.
It was a secret mission of mine, missed it by a few seconds outside Eugene
once. That same day, someone posted a photo of just such a feat in same
spot. Devastated, I have moved on to other lofty goals. Three nuthatches
or 5 shearwater in one photo (WA or OR only) are next, can anyone spoil
those for me? The shearwater I imagine as a Flesh-footed flying through a
large flock in fall and being able to find a Short-tailed in the
background. The nuthatches I almost got once, just could not shoo them all
on to the same branch.

Bob Archer

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