[Tweeters] Sparrow conjecture: Where would you find 4 Zonotrichias together in one place? It's Happening in TX this Winter

Jc dipper dipper2c at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 21:09:22 PST 2018

Two opinions so far are

question re: finding 4 Zonotrichias in one spot:

1. the only place one might reasonably expect to find all four might be
Banff National Park, in western Alberta, probably in May.

Harris’s would be

a fairly common migrant, the others would be breeders, all arriving early,
with Golden-crowned

being limited in numbers as it would be at the Eastern edge of its range.

Feel free to pass this along to one and all. the four zono day is certainly
doable in northwestern Oregon and southeastern Washington - where
White-throated, White-crowned, and Golden-crowned are regular in winter and
Harris's is casual. What would be even more exciting would be the five
zono day!


> Fat Tony; Lubbock - originally from the Pacific Northwest

A Golden-Crowned Sparrow continues in South Central Texas between San
Antonio and Austin at the Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary. This lone, rare
Golden-crowned Sparrow has been feeding with White-crowned, White-throated,
and Harris's Sparrows.

The Golden-crowned is usually only seen in the Texas Valley.

Where else might one see all four ?

Has anyone?

Julie Crouch

Central Texas

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