[Tweeters] JBLM Gyrfalcon and Nisqually Saw Whet Owl - Bad News

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 7 20:10:44 PST 2018

I had the same experience as Dennis DeSilvis with the Gyrfalcon today - although only from outside the Base on Steele Street.  Looked for it in the rain from about 3 to 3:30 - no show - scanned every tower, pole, tree, building etc.
Worse is that I stopped by Nisqually NWR on the way home from Clark County and was told that someone had harassed the Northern Saw Whet Owl this morning and that it flew off and was not seen afterwards (including by me).  Hopefully it will return to its easily accessed roost near the parking lot tomorrow. 

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