[Tweeters] Ross's goose among many - Vancouver Lowlands

Randy Hill re_hill at q.com
Fri Jan 5 21:18:52 PST 2018

This morning a flock of about 8000 Snow Geese moved into Columbia Land Trust
fields adjacent to Frenchman's Bar Park, west of Vancouver Lake in Clark
County. These geese fly around between Sauvie Island on the Oregon side of
the Columbia River and various farmed fields on the Washington side. I
noted a red neck collar and at least one blue-phase adult on the first pass.
The return trip was fortuitous as I slowed for a few photos when no traffic
was coming, and noticed a little guy in the front line. My guess is there
is more than one Ross's Goose in the flock. At the end of Lower River Road
a sub-adult Snowy Egret continues, viewed from the levee road between
Shillapoo WA and private land looking north.

Randy Hill


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