[Tweeters] Mostly Ocean Shores yesterday

Lonnie Somer mombiwheeler at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 11:58:20 PST 2018

Hi Tweeters,

Scot Duncan and I birded Ocean Shores yesterday morning. Here are a few of
the highlights:

We found the ROSS'S GOOSE at 8:30 on the golf course hanging out the with
GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE, as previously noted. They were in front of
the Ocean Shores Inn & Suites, although they could also be viewed across
the golf course from the back side of the cinema. We next headed to Pt.
Brown Jetty, where we were treated to great views of ROCK SANDPIPER (lifer
for Scot), SURFBIRD, and BLACK TURNSTONES. The sewage treatment plant was
swarming with ducks, particularly N. Shovelers. A ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK was
perched on a shore pine nearby. We were also able to scope a couple of
BLACK SCOTERS out in the bay. We found a large flock of the previously
reported WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS (lifer for Scot and a first in the U.S.
species for me) in the vicinity of the Interpretive Center. They initially
flew in just north of the center off of Discovery Ave. then they moved
around quite a bit (assuming that it was the same flock). There were at
least 50 birds, perhaps more. They briefly landed in a small deciduous
tree not far from us, making it look like a Christmas tree; an amazing
sight. Scott was able to take a photo of this, which should appear on
eBird in the next couple of days. We did not see any RED CROSSBILLS mixed
in, although we did have a few fly over earlier in the morning. As the
rain really began to come down, we made a brief stop at Duck Lake before
leaving Ocean Shores around noon. Seven CANVASBACKS were on the water
along with several of the more common species.

On the way back, we drove around the Brady Loop region, still in the rain.
It was pretty quiet, but we still saw several raptors, including a
SHARP-SHINNED HAWK. We also saw 15 TRUMPETER SWANS. I haven't tallied our
total for the day, but it was a wonderful day of birding.

Good birding,

Lonnie Somer

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