[Tweeters] University support of email changing...

Maureen E. Ellis mj2ephd at uw.edu
Thu Jan 4 17:13:47 PST 2018


I am an UW retiree who has continued to use my UW email address/UW server
exclusively for the Tweeters' Newsgroup mail a number of years
post-retirement. After July, 2018, the university will no longer support
email boxes for most anyone other than current students and active faculty
and staff. Will tweeters still be supported by the university? I am
looking at other free email servers to which I can re-route tweeters
messages, and, will use that new email account, something not AOL, solely
for tweeters' mail.

What will be the status of tweeters at u.washington.edu after July, 2018?

Otherwise, continued great birding for all of us,

Maureen E Ellis, PhD
retired, Burien, WA

Note: Have 3 wintering species warblers: YR - both Audubon's and Myrtle
morphs, Orange-crowned, and Townsends. And, this season, for the first
time since feeder deck set up in Jan, 1999, have both male and female
pileated woodpeckers pigging out at my double-sized suet feeder...on deck
four stories up! Lots of great photo-ops. Greatly enjoy everyone else's

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