[Tweeters] Re: Birding Etiquette

sremse at comcast.net sremse at comcast.net
Thu Jan 4 10:41:44 PST 2018

It's unfortunate the people were subjected to the bigotry after their pleasant bird count. I've faced a more subtle form of prejudice over and over from the birding community. People discount my sightings/input when they discover I'm a blue collar worker. Having risen (twice) to the presidency of a local Audubon chapter makes me almost as rare as an Ivory-billed Woodpecker. Once I was told I should leave a committee because of my lack of college degree (thankfully this has been the exception and not the norm) . I hope all of you are sitting down: a Varied Thrush or Marbled Murrelet doesn't care how many pieces of paper are tacked to your wall.

All should be welcome in the birding community. I don't wish to prolong this subject but perhaps some folks can learn and grow a bit.
P.S.- A female Northern Harrier is currently perched outside my office window
----Steve Ellis
sremse at comcast.net
Coupeville, Wa

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